Custom Designs

A Safe Room Designed for Your Family

Armored Closet panels ready to go for installationAt Armored Closet, our tornado / storm shelters are easily modified to suit the needs of anyone. The handicapped and elderly no longer need to worry about finding accessible safety in the face of the storm. We custom build each Armored Closet to our customers’ specifications.

Ask us about optional features such as stainless steel beam covers, built-in recessed Sentry Fire Safes or our popular Winchester 10 Gun Safe option.

Armored Closet takes pride in making the best tornado shelter, safe rooms, and custom shelters in the world and we have yet to encounter a request that we couldn’t fulfill. If you can imagine it, we can build it and install it in your home or business!

Custom-Built Protection

The type of Armored Closet you need depends significantly on the size of your family and your personal preferences. If you live alone or with your spouse, you probably need a smaller shelter than a family of eight. We can design and build your storm shelter or safe room to comfortably accommodate whatever number of people you need to protect.

In addition, we can build you a basic custom Armored Closet with no frills or extras, or we can include a wide range of optional add-ons to meet your particular needs.

Standard Features Include:

    • Single panel doors made from ¼-inch thick steel plate
    • Door hinges made with ½-inch diameter stainless steel barrels and pins
    • Wall and ceiling panels made from 3/16-inch bullet-proof steel plate
    • Powder-coating on all steel surfaces for a high-quality, attractive finish
    • Concrete anchor bolts securing the structure to the foundation with 4,660 pounds of pull-out strength per bolt.
    • Finger-safe door jamb

Design add-ons include:

    • Special accommodations for elderly and disabled individuals such as wheelchair accessibility
    • Stainless steel beam covers for added door strength in severe storms
    • Built-in, recessed Sentry Fire Safes to protect your valuable documents, computer drives, and other essential items
    • Optional gun safes for storing and protecting your weapons or using the closet as a weapons armory
    • Built-in LED lighting
    • Electronic door lock

Protect Yourself Against Home Invasions

Our custom-designed storm shelters are also used as a safe room to protect people during a home invasion, robbery, and other crimes. The walls and ceiling of the structure are designed to protect those inside against gunshot from a 48-caliber gun. In addition, it’s fast and straightforward to enter the Armored Closet and lock yourself inside at the first indication of danger.

When we prepare an estimate and design for a storm shelter or safe room, we work closely with the client, listening to what they tell us about their situation and concerns. Then our design team comes up with a customized solution to meet that client’s particular needs.

Whatever type of storm shelter, safe room, or weapons armory you need and want, we can custom design, build, and install it for you in less time than you might imagine.

Are you Ready for Tornado Season?

Keep You & Your Family Safe & Secure