What are Armored Closet tornado shelter and safe rooms made out of?

The entire uni-body door module is made entirely of 1/4” steel plate. Hinged with 1/2” diameter stainless steel pin barrel hinges. Wall and ceiling panels are 3/16“ steel plate.

How are Armored Closet tornado shelters installed to be so secure?

3.75″ Concrete Anchor Bolts are secured to your concrete foundation and provide 4,660 lbs. of peak pull-out holding strength per bolt. Units range from 55,000 to 100,000 lbs. of tinsel pull-out strength.

What makes an Armored Closet safe room door safer than other shelter options?

3/16” F-5 Impact Channels are welded to the inside of the 1/4” plate steel door. They are strategically located to give impact strength to the 1/2” barrel hinges and hardware array.

What safety details do Armored Closet's feature that other shelters fall short in providing?

The Armored Closet features an F-5 Lever Guard, an exclusive feature for our company. Lever-Guard prevents the keyed lever handle from becoming a projectile produced by wind debris impacts.

How do Armored Closets protect your family in a burglary or home invasion?

Triple-Post F-5 LatchboltsTM can make all of the difference in a high threat situation where someone is trying to attack your family. Our triple-post, 3/4“ stainless steel pin F-5 Latchbolts combined with the Schlage Grade 1 Deadbolts give you superior security from burglary and home invasion.

Will my Armored Closet stay lit when the power goes out during storms?

Built in LED Lighting will ensure that your family will not be left in the dark with our super-bright, magnetically attached and battery-powered LED lighting system.  12-LED Track Light system with 3 rotating light heads.

Will my family be able to breathe if something falls on my Armored Closet tornado shelter?

Armored Closet Airway Vent-Shield Vent slots (located at the top of entry door) are protected from wind debris by our exclusive Vent-Shield welded to the interior side of door.

Is Keyless Entry an option for my Armored Closet?

Armored Closets can be outfitted with an Optional Electronic Door Lever. Add an extra layer of safety by replacing the standard keyed door lever to a digital, keyless entry.

Can I add a FIRE-SAFE to my Armored Closet?

Yes, an Armored Closet can be fitted with an Optional FIRE-SAFE Vault. The SentrySafe FIRE-SAFE offers 1-hour of UL classified fire protection and is also ETL verified for 1-hour of fire protection for CDs, DVDs, memory sticks and USB drives. Safes are protected with security code and are secured with four grade 8 bolts fastened to safe bracket with lock-nuts on back side of unit.

Can my Armored Closet come with a built in gun safe?

Yes, your Armored Closet can be outfitted with an optional Winchester 10-Gun Safe. Armored Closets are designed to accommodate the Winchester 10-Gun model.  9.3 cubic feet of safe storage designed to hold 10 long guns. The 200 lbs. safe offers six 1″ locking bolts, providing security on two sides of the door. These Gun Safes are Proudly made in Fort Worth, Texas.

How was your Ballistics Test for Armored Closet conducted?

A test chamber was developed containing a 3/16″ metal plate.  We fired a semi-automatic handgun with 45 caliber and 9mm bullets to demonstrate the strength of the Armored Closet!

What were the results of the 45 Cal. Ballistic Test on Armored Closet?

Tested against a 45 caliber semi-automatic handgun/brass/full metal jacket round fired at point blank range (distance of 48”).  The bullet produced a 1/16” impression and bent the test plate 1/4″ steel armor door with no penetration. Bullet shattered and flattened.

What were the results of the 9mm Ballistic Test on Armored Closet?

Tested against a 9mm semi-automatic handgun using a 124 gr / brass / full metal jacket round fired at point blank range (distance of 48”). Produced a 1/64” impression and zero penetration. Bullet shattered and flattened.

Are you Ready for Tornado Season?

Be Safe and Secure with your Family in an Armored Closet - tested to meet FEMA standards. This Affordable and Reliable F-5 Tested Tornado Shelter is Built Strong with 100% Steel Inside of your Home.