Included with Every Armored Closet
When you purchase an Armored Closet from us, installation of your new tornado shelter / safe room is included in the price. Once you choose the design elements you want and the best location for the structure, we pre-manufacture the components at our workshop for rapid assembly at your home. We can install an Armored Closet in almost any area of your home, so you can choose to locate it wherever is most convenient for you and your family. We have designed and installed many armored storm and safe shelters in locations including: Unused Space Beneath a Staircase Utility Rooms Basements ... Read The Rest
A Safe Room Designed for Your Family
At Armored Closet, our tornado / storm shelters are easily modified to suit the needs of anyone. The handicapped and elderly no longer need to worry about finding accessible safety in the face of the storm. We custom build each Armored Closet to our customers’ specifications. Ask us about optional features such as stainless steel beam covers, built-in recessed Sentry Fire Safes or our popular Winchester 10 Gun Safe option. Armored Closet takes pride in making the best tornado shelter, safe rooms, and custom shelters in the world and we have yet to encounter a request that we couldn’t fulfill. If you... Read The Rest
All Parts Guaranteed for Life at No Additional Cost
When you purchase an Armored Closet, you know you are purchasing peace-of-mind. Not only will our Armored Closets keep you and your family safe, all parts are guaranteed for life at no additional cost with the Armored Closet Lifetime Warranty. All modular steel panels, barrel hinges, F-5 Latchbolts, F-5 Impact Channels and connecting hardware (Grade 5 nuts and bolts) installed by Armored Closet LLC authorized technicians are fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship for the lifetime of the unit. There will be no charge to the customer for labor or materials on any repair due to faulty workmanship during the life of the... Read The Rest

Are you Ready for Tornado Season?

Keep You & Your Family Safe & Secure