Tornado Shelter Closet Install Before & After

Armored Closet installed in China Spring, Texas

The North Texas Armored Closet team just returned from China Spring, Texas after installing a 48 x 60 x 81 unit.  

Modular Steel Garage Shelter Install Before & After

A Safe Room in the Center of a Garage?

The inventiveness of the modular Armored Closet design has inspired some great ideas from our customers. Check out before and after images of an armored closet that was safely secured to the concrete foundation in the center of this customer's Newark, Texas garage!

Safe Room Closet Install Before & After

Armored Closet installation in Belton, Texas

Our North Texas team drove out to Belton, Texas to install this 40 x 44 x 81 armored closet inside a pre-existing closet.  At Armored Closet, we are thrilled to serve customers throughout the state of Texas and Oklahoma.  To help facilitate the demand for tornado shelters and in-home safety, we have trusted service partners in East Texas, Oklahoma, the Panhandle Region and North and Central Texas.

Storm Shelter Mud Room Install Before & After

Armored Closet Mud Room Installation in Cedar Hill, Texas

Armored Closet is an excellent addition to a mud room, craft room or a large utility room.  This 32 x 48 x 81 unit was installed in our customer’s home in their tiled mud room in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Our skilled technicians can work around tile without cracking or damaging your floor. As always, steel bolts anchor the Armored Closet to the foundation.

Tornado Shelter Under the Stairs Install Before and After

Under Stair Closet Installation in McKinney, Texas

Armored Closet’s unique design allows it to be installed in any closet, including an under-stair closet with sloping roof. Our satisfied customer in McKinney, Texas ordered a 36 x 75 x 81 Armored Closet that was installed securely by our team of experts. When there is bad weather and tornado warnings, this Armored Closet is ready to go!

Safe Room Garage Install Before and After

Armored Closet Garage Installation in Sherman, Texas

Armored Closet can be installed in any area in your house including a garage.  This 32 x 48 x 81 unit was anchored into the concrete slab and situated between wall storage.

Are you Ready for Tornado Season?

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