A Message from the Founder of Armored Closet

David Magiera, Experienced Homebuilder

David Magiera, Armored Closet CEOSeveral years ago, we had 17 tornadoes come through our surrounding area. One, just blocks from us. As a result, my wife, Sheila, asked me to look into acquiring a tornado shelter in our home.

After exhaustive web searches, I wasn’t comfortable with the options available, so I created a tornado shelter that could be engineered into a closet — not one stuck in the garage or buried in the yard. Thus, the Armored Closet Tornado Shelter was born.

I trust you will be extremely happy knowing that your protection from a tornado, intruder or burglar is just a step away — right inside the comfort of your home!

I would love to personally respond to any questions that you may have about Armored Closet products and services.

David Magiera, Founder
Armored Closet | Tornado Shelter & Safe Room

Armored Closet Showroom and Warehouse

Visit us for an Armored Closet Demonstration

Armored Closets Assembly AreaThere is no doubt of the importance of purchasing the best storm shelter for you and your family. Our showroom in Kennedale, Texas also houses a massive assembly facility. All Armored Closet door and wall plates are manufactured in North Texas and prepared for delivery here! We would love for you to come take a tour - just reach out to us to arrange a date.

We offer some of the best pricing available and we proudly offer first responder, military and veteran discounts to protect those who protected us. When you buy from Armored Closet, you're buying directly from the manufacturer, so there's no dealer markup.

Our shelters contain some of the most innovative features and the highest install standards on the market today. Each one of our safe rooms exceed all of FEMA Standards. 

Exceeding FEMA Standards

Whether it be a tornado or an intruder, you never know when disaster will strike. In situations like these, families can be left helpless because they fail to have a contingency plan or a safe place to retreat to during a crisis. Built from quality materials, our steel storm shelters exceed FEMA standards. This means they offer near-absolute protection during even the worst of storms. 

We know firsthand how critical it is to have a safe and trusted place to go for shelter during a tornado or other severe weather. Our above ground safe rooms and panic rooms have been impact tested at the Texas Tech Wind and Science Institute and meet or exceed current FEMA and ICC standards.

Typically, Armored Closets are used predominantly as a storm shelter. We have installed our products as safe rooms, either as a panic room or as a place to secure guns, ammunition, and important documents. Armored Closets are capable of being installed in almost any existing home or business, as well as in new construction.

Mobile Walk-in Tornado Shelter Display Center

We are excited to bring our showroom to your community event!  Available in any North Texas location. Contact David Magiera to arrange a 2-4 hour tour of our facility and products at (214) 938-6777. Our number-one goal is to provide the safest, most reliable storm shelters and panic rooms on the market.

Armored Closets are Made in the U.S.A.

Safe Room | Storm Shelter | Security Storage

Armored Closets Are Made In The USAArmored Closet is proud to work with residents, business and local government agencies in providing safety solutions that can protect you, your family, your employees, or the entire residents of a community. Our safe room and storm shelters are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Senior & Military Discounts

At Armored Closet, we believe that we have a duty to serve those who have protected our country as well as to take care of the elderly.  We have special discounts available that apply to the retail price of our units.

    5% off retail price

    5% off retail price

    5% off retail price

    7% off retail price

Special offers cannot be combined with any other promotions.

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