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ArmoredCloset is custom sized & installed in your closet.
Safety in the comfort of your home!

The patented ArmoredCloset has door modules that are made entirely of 1/4″ steel plate. Walls and ceiling panels are made of 3/16″ steel plate. All steel is powder coated (beige hammered semi gloss finish). We modify all sizes to fit your closet size at no additional expense. Give us a call — we’ll come out and measure and give you a quote.

All units include: Installation, LED Lighting, Keyed Schlage Grade 1 Deadbolts, Keyed Door Lever, F-5 Latchbolts, F-5 Impact Channels, Vent-Shield and Vent Ports, Grade 5 bolts and nuts and Heavy duty 1/2″ steel pin barrel hinges. Heavy duty anchor bolts are set into your concrete foundation every 8 inches and tightened to 50 ft. lbs. The ArmoredCloset has pullout strength from 54,000 lbs. up to 164,000 lbs. (depending upon the size of your unit).

“The most revolutionary product to come to the home building industry in decades.”

North Central Texas Safe Room Rebate Program

The North Central Texas Safe Room Rebate Program offers residents living or developing in one of the sixteen counties in the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) region an opportunity to qualify for a safe room rebate. See Eligibility Requirements.

This rebate covers half the cost of the construction or installation of an individual safe room, up to a reimbursement cap of $3,000. You can sign up for the waitlist here.

ArmoredCloset encourages qualified customers to apply for this amazing rebate.  For more information, please visit the North Central Texas Council of Governments website:

Standard Sizes, Pricing & Occupancy Rating.

Prices include a temporary discount of $200 through October 31, 2016.

Prices are valid for the Dallas / Fort Worth region.  
Destination fee may be applicable for orders in Oklahoma, East Texas and Panhandle regions. Please contact your local dealer.


$3,950 $3,750

36″ x 36″ x 80″
3 People (plus pets)

Mini-Max Shelter
$4,690 $4,490

3′ x 4′ x 80″
4 People (plus pets)

$5,190 $4,990

3′ x 5′ x 80″
5 People (plus pets)

$5,690 $5,490

3′ x 6′ x 80″
6 People (plus pets)

Under Stairs ArmoredCloset
$5,890 $5,690

Sloped 3′ x 5′ x 80″
5 People (plus pets)

$5,895 $5,695

4′ x 6′ x 80″
8 People (plus pets)

$6,350 $6,150

4′ x 8′ x 80″
10 People (plus pets)

$6,590 $6,390

6′ x 6′ x 80″
12 People (plus pets)

$7,100 $6,900

6′ x 8′ x 80″
16 People (plus pets)

$9,500 $9,300

8′ x 10′ x 80″
26 People (plus pets)

Free Installation

Our teams of highly-skilled installers bring years of experience in the home building trades. We are experts in the business of residential safe room installations.

We take extra care in floor preparation, door entry safety precautions and we use proprietary install dollies designed exclusively for the ArmoredCloset door and panel system. You can be confident that your beautiful home will be left clean and in excellent condition.


We Can Build Any Size Unit

We custom build each unit to our customers’ specifications. Ask us about optional features such as stainless steel beam covers, built-in recessed Sentry Fire Safes or our popular Winchester 10 Gun Safe option.

Call your local dealer for more information!

Senior & Military Discounts

At ArmoredCloset, we believe that we have a duty to serve those who have protected our country as well as to take care of the elderly.  We have special discounts available that apply to the retail price of our units.

    • SENIOR DISCOUNT … 5% off retail
    • MILITARY DISCOUNT … 5% off retail
    • HANDICAP DISCOUNT … 10% off retail
    • WOUNDED WARRIOR DISCOUNT … 10% off retail

Special offers cannot be combined with any other promotions.