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Safety starts in the home.  ArmoredCloset is strong enough to resist a tornado and protect you from a burglar — but it’s also built safe for use during a tornado and having accessible in your home with children.

One of the biggest concerns of our customers is the heavy door being a danger to children.  With the exclusive Finger-Safe Door Jamb Flange, young children (and maybe a few adults as well) cannot accidentially close the heavy, 1/4” steel door on their fingers!

Another safety concern is being trapped in your safe room if debris from a tornado blocks the entry.  The ArmoredCloset can be unbolted from the inside if the need should ever arise by using the F-5 Escape Wrench (U.S. Patent No. D728,334).

I trust you will be extremely happy knowing that your protection from a tornado, intruder or burglar is just a step away – right inside the comfort of your home!


Finger-Safe Door Jamb

Overlaps the door jamb by 2 1/2” while maintaining a gap of 5/8” from the door jamb itself. The interior-mounted Safety-Flange provides protection from finger injury while not interfering with the integrity of the door locking hardware.


Patented F-5 Escape Wrench

A 3/4” open-end wrench is provided as a fail-safe device. ArmoredCloset safe rooms can be unbolted from the inside if the need should ever arise. The wrench also has a hinge pin dowl rod built-in to assist in pin removal.  U.S Patent No. D728,334


F-5 Safe Door Lever-Guard™

An ArmoredCloset exclusive. Lever-Guard prevents the keyed lever handle from becoming a projectile produced by wind debris impacts.


LED Lighting

Your family will not be left in the dark with our super-bright, magnetically attached and battery-powered.  12-LED Track Light system with 3 rotating light heads.


Airway Vent-Shield

Vent slots (located at the top of entry door) are protected from wind debris by our exclusive Vent-Shield welded to the interior side of door.


Optional Electronic Door Lever

Add an extra layer of safety by replacing the standard keyed door lever to a digital, keyless entry.


Optional FIRE-SAFE Vault

The SentrySafe FIRE-SAFE offers 1-hour of UL classified fire protection and is also ETL verified for 1-hour of fire protection for CDs, DVDs, memory sticks and USB drives. Safes are protected with security code and are secured with four grade 8 bolts fastened to safe bracket with lock-nuts on back side of unit.


Optional Winchester 10-Gun Safe

Designed to accommodate the Winchester 10-Gun model.  9.3 cubic feet of safe storage designed to hold 10 long guns. The 200 lbs. safe offers six 1″ locking bolts, providing security on two sides of the door. Proudly made in Fort Worth, Texas.